with Special Design Flambe Trolley, Stand and Kiosk. More Effective Presentations Productions Designs

Flambe Trolley

Do you want to make more effective presentations and make your customers feel special? The multi-functional Flambe car specially designed for your brand is the best investment in this regard.


Stand & Kiosk

Have you examined mobile or built-in stand and kiosk projects that can be installed in any location you want? They are completely designed in accordance with your corporate identity and are useful and functional works.


Special Designs

Our design ability is a reflection of our manufacturing experience. We focus on producing niche and unique designs that are possible to manufacture. You can get design support for your projects even if it is not produced by us.


Presentations that make a Difference

We produce projects that will make your customers’ experience unforgettable and make each customer feel special. Specially designed stands and kiosk projects suitable for your corporate identity, mobile kiosks that can be installed in any location, mobile stands and special design Flambe Trolleys that will allow you to make magnificent presentations.


Worldwide Experience

We accept orders from all countries of the world. We carry out our productions in our Workshop in Istanbul. We have all the know-how required for the shipping and delivery of your orders. We can meet in four different languages to communicate and order. Finally we can agree on one word: “Aesthetics”

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